Jewelry Repair

For centuries, the design, manufacturing, and repair of precious metal jewelry has been a highly skilled trade.  Though the tools, technology, and techniques have evolved, the fundamental aspects have remained.  Our expert goldsmiths use modern tools and technology to provide customers with high quality services at the most affordable prices possible.  Here are a few of the most common examples of what our team can do at Golden Anvil Jewelers:


Ring Sizing
The human finger is not perfectly round
Finger size can go up or down by a whole size in a given day
Proper ring size depends on the thickness of the ring, and it’s construction
Some rings require laser welding to prevent seams in the metal, and thus will cost more
Rings with diamonds on the band will need extra care and labor
White gold rings will require a new coat of rhodium after they are sized
Price can vary greatly, please ask for an estimate and explanation

At Golden Anvil Jewelers, ring sizing is the most common repair we do on a daily basis.  There are a variety of different tools and technology we use to achieve the proper ring fit to your finger.  Not all fingers and not all rings are created equal, and we often have to employ a different process for each case.  Please come in and show us what you have and we will come up with a strategy together to ensure a comfortable and safe fit.

Bracelet/Chain Repair
Next to ring sizing, bracelet and chain repair is by far the most common service needed by our customers.  There are many components of a bracelet/chain such as links/cord, end caps, jump rings, clasps, and safety components.  As always, white gold will need a new coat of rhodium with most repairs.  Our jewelers can work on virtually any type of chain or bracelet.  Here are the most common repairs we do:

Fix broken chain section from damage
Chain lengthening/shortening
Repair/replace clasps
Reduce rolling/flipping
Convert clasp type
Increase or add to safety components
Earring Repair
There are many different types of earrings on the market today, and our goldsmiths are highly trained in each.  The main work we do on earrings is:

Conversion from clip to post
Conversion from standard to screw post
Replacing posts with thinner, thicker, longer, shorter
Repairing or replacing earring backs
Adjusting wire backs
Tightening/loosening clip backs
Pearl Stringing
Sterling Silver
Leather Cord

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